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Musicien de formation classique et jazz, bachelier de l'UQAM en enseignement de la musique en 1978.

Sax sop et ténor, clarinette et clarinette basse, flute traversière, shakuhachi, flute irlandaise, whistles, smallscottish pipes, uilleann pipe, gaita, duduk, ney, shinobue, flute amerindienne, quena, kaval bawu, hulusi, seljeflote.
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Composer - performer, David M. Hughes has developed an arsenal of techniques throughout the years, first the Chapman stick instrument consisting of 10 strings a blend of bass guitar, guitar, and cello effects which are very present in PTM. Also he has developed an extraordinary technique on the didgeridoo, Australian Aboriginal wind instrument which David has mastered throughout the years.
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Composer, performer, Réjean Julien has crafted throughout the years impressive and unique techniques. Mastering the Lap steel, and guitars, Réjean has performed on many productions. Also an accomplished sound engineer Réjean Julien is the backbone of PTM. You will be astonished, the magic created by this musician is unique, original and authentic to PHONETHEMENTAL.
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Christian developed an insatiable love for music at very early age, passion which brought him to study and discover various styles of music. Christian was not satisfied to learn only various rhythms, he was also interested by the history of music and the various cultures. His private training was conducted in California, Cuba, Japan and in South-América . Twice, he travelled to West Africa. With a diploma (Bachelor degree) in anthropology. Christian wanted to look further into his knowledge of musical studies and followed a master's degree training in ethnomusicology at the University of Montreal.

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